Windchill Risk and Reliability (formerly Relex) is a suite of integrated analysis modules that can be combined in any way to suit your needs. Each analysis module can function as a complete stand alone package, or it can be used in conjunction with other modules to offer a custom solution.


Because all of the tools are built on a single, common platform, you can start with one or two modules, and simply license and unlock additional modules as your needs grow. There is no need to reinstall software, reconfigure your system, transfer data, or learn a new interface. Because Windchill Risk and Reliability products are built on a object-based architecture and share a common database, integration is seamless.

Windchill Prediction (formerly Relex Reliability Prediction)


Provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use tool to estimate system reliability and MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures).

Windchill FMEA (formerly Relex FMEA)


Provides a structured methodology to identify the failure modes of a system, analyze their effects, and introduce controls to improve product quality.

Windchill FTA (formerly Relex Fault Tree)


Combines an intuitive graphical representation of fault trees and event trees with powerful analytical tools to assess the risk and reliability of complex processes and systems.

Windchill FRACAS (formerly Relex FRACAS)


Provides a flexible, comprehensive tool for controlling a range of closed loop corrective action processes.

Windchill RBD (formerly Relex OpSim)


Combines intuitive reliability block diagramming tools, with powerful optimization and simulation calculations to analyze the performance and lifetime costs of complex, real-world systems.

Windchill Weibull (formerly Relex Weibull)


Analyzes life data to discover failure trends and predict failure behavior using reliability growth analysis, Weibull analysis, and related distributions.

Windchill ALT (formerly Relex ALT)


Uses statistical methods to analyze accelerated life testing data identify characteristic failure behavior and predict product reliability.


Windchill Markov (formerly Relex Markov)


Combines flexible, intuitive diagramming tools with powerful analytical capabilities, enabling you to model even the most complex systems and calculate their key reliability metrics.

Windchill Maintainability (formerly Relex Maintainability)


Uses an industry-standard approach to organize maintainability analyses and calculate a full range of maintenance related metrics.

Windchill LCC (formerly Relex LCC)


Provides user-defined cost breakdown analysis throughout the life of a product, including design, manufacturing, maintenance, and warranty.

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